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([personal profile] blooms May. 8th, 2009 02:25 pm)
Here, my first offering to the community, icons!

Final Fantasy VII: 7
(one forum signature)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off: 3
Revolutionary Girl Utena: 3


Let's mosey over here!
Calling all creative FF7 fanfic and drabble writers!

The [community profile] ff7_drabbles community has been created as a challenge-oriented place for FF7 drabble writers to display their completed work. This is mostly a freeform community, which means members can post drabbles of any subject, anytime, for any reason, or even issue challenges of their own.

A random prompt (chosen by using a random word generator) will be issued by the admin every Thursday!

Come join in on the fun -- we look forward to seeing you there. ^_^
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([personal profile] nagia May. 7th, 2009 08:40 pm)
In the interests of fairness (and in the interests of my interests), I have created [community profile] ff_yuri for Final Fantasy femslash.

Since the comm has just opened, we're trying to kick it off in style with a Final Fantasy Yuri kink meme. Please feel free to come join the fun!
Hello all! I realized that we have a wonderful group of Yaoi love going on already with dreamwidth but there was no Yuri love. This made me quite sad. To fix this obvious problem I made a community strictly for the Yuri fans of FF7 [community profile] ffvii_yuri.

Come, join, enjoy! I'll be working on the community information later, but for now I'm off to a lab.
Does anyone know where I could get a DVD of all the cutscenes on FFVII? Do they even make those? I know they did with FFX for a while. Downloading them off Limewire or something isn't an option for me because I'm in the middle of nowhere on dialup... If they don't, does anyone have them on their computer? If you could burn it onto a DVD, I'd love you forever and pay you a few bucks on Paypal for the disk and to ship it. It's not AS preferable as a DVD, but I could also just use the files on a regular disk and I'd be happy with that if that's all that I could get.

Thanks for your help! <3

Edit I believe [personal profile] yohjideranged is sending me the files on disk, but if anyone else was interested there's a DVD (unofficial, most definitely) here for $22 USD.
Since we're all new to DW, I thought a friending meme was in order!

the dw ffvii friending meme

►Please no wank
►Pimp it out



*edit: fixed that weird formatting thing. Sorry guys! :/