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Title: Thank Me later, Chapter Seven: A Little Camaraderie Never Hurt Anyone... Else
Characters: Main Cast
Rating: Teen and up
Genre: Horror, Humor, Political drama, Financial drama
Warnings: Violence, major character death
General Summary: The WRO is collapsing along with the economy as Shin Ra is rebuilt and new governments gain power. Cloud can't decide whether he'd rather be in the middle of all this or off to the sidelines - but Rufus is willing to make that choice for him.
Chapter Summary: Cloud talks himself into trouble.

Chapter Index
Chapter 1: The Devil's New Game
Chapter 2: Celebrity Terrorist
Chapter 3: Enough Blame for Both of Us
Chapter 4: Chasing Calamities
Chapter 5: Dead Ends
Chapter 6: Cue Apocalypse
Chapter 7: A Little Camaraderie Never Hurt Anyone... Else
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