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So, I am writing this fic.

And I am wondering if anyone has any impressions of Biggs that are based in canon.
Like, I find Jessie pretty easy to write, because we know a few things about her - she has a crush on Cloud, she's good with computers, feels guilty when things go wrong, etc. I can move forward from there.

But what do we know about Biggs, other than that Barret promised him they'd go to Cosmo Canyon some day?
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From: [personal profile] traxits

Biggs and Jessie are shown in the flashback when Elmyra finds Aerith and Ifalna. At least, it looks an awful lot like them off to the side by that lamppost. He picks Jessie up and twirls her around, and then they walk off together. ... I think. Or maybe I made that up. XD I need to replay the game and see.
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Late to the party, but I remember that part! Here's a screencap. He does look like Biggs to me.


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