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Can anyone tell me if the basement of 7th Heaven has a punching bag in it?

I feel like I remember one being there because I think Barret used it, but I can't remember for sure and I'm not finding screenshots on the Internets.

[I need to know for something I'm writing for [community profile] ffvii_100.]
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Nothing to stop you from putting one in if there wasn't. Fanfic and all.
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Looks like it. See the game script here.

Cloud (fed up) Shut up! I don't care about either Shinra or SOLDIER! But don't get me wrong! I don't care about AVALANCHE or the Planet for that matter!

Barret got angry and begins aggressively punching the punching bag. Cloud went up to the elevator to the main floor. Later, Tifa went up to where Cloud was about to leave.

Tifa Listen, Cloud. I'm asking you. Please join us.


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