Warning: Old news might be old. Only two days old, really, but news travels fast 'round these parts.

I present to you:

Cloud Strife Eau de Toilette

First of all, I'm totally immature and lol when I hear "Cloud Strife" and "toilette" in the same breath.

Second of all, they bottled up Cloud scent. I can't help but feel violated for the guy, even if he's a fictional character.

Thoughts? Facepalms? Any scents you guys wanna see? Would Reno Eau de Toilette smell like an actual toilet?

Apologies in advance for flubbing about the French language. It's just. Toilette. Cloud. lol.
almighty_frog: (SHIELD THE BRAIN!)

From: [personal profile] almighty_frog

There are very few situations in which this icon is not appropriate.

I'm still boggling at the idea of Cloud cologne, though. Just, what.
yohjideranged: (ffvii - Cloud Reunion art)

From: [personal profile] yohjideranged

Does it smell perfumey...or does it smell like a real man, all sweaty after battle?

Mmmmm...Cloud sweat...bottle that and I might drink it.

Uh, did I just say that? >.>;;;
nagia: (abstract; no god but square-enix)

From: [personal profile] nagia

Jesus H. Monkeyfuckin' Christ eating a toadstool.
ardwynna: (Default)

From: [personal profile] ardwynna

I really do want to know what Sephiroth would smell like. Besides leather and blue alien and whatever his shampoo is like that day. Going by what Squeenix did in Dissidia, they could even package the Seph and Cloud scents as a His & Hers set. ;p


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